Customizing Thesaurus Builder

Do you need any special feature to be added to the Thesaurus Builder? If yes, We are just one click far from you. We are customizing the application to support all of your needs. Contact us and let us know what do you need and how can we improve our services.

Remember that Thesaurus Builder is always under improvement...

Produce Your Thesaurus

Do you want to have a thesaurus for your needs? Our experts can produce thesauri in various subjects:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Systems Sciences
  • Information Systems
  • Operations Research
  • Heuristics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Science
  • Immunology
  • Anatomy
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacology
  • Cytology
  • Biochemistry

Just tell us the subject and your objectives, then let us do all the rest of the project.

Hosting your thesaurus

Do you have your own thesaurus and need a reliable and professional place to host it? Thesaurus Builder can host your thesauri for a low and convenient annual fee. We have quite a few options and technologies we can offer you on Windows platform with plans starting from €195 per year. See ASFA thesaurus as a sample.

For more information or any further question, please feel free to contact us and let us know what you need.