Compare Thesaurus Builder Editions

Golden Eye Express Student Light Professional
Support for ISO 5964
Up to 148 languages per thesaurus
Unlimited number of thesauri
Support for one image for each term
Unlimited number of hierarchies per thesaurus
Support for all standard and some additional fields
Powerful search and replace functions
Support for polyhierarchical thesauri (multiple BTs)
Bookmark terms
Various options for Alphabetical Display report
Keeping each thesaurus preferences in its database
Thesaurus statistics
Online help
Separated stop list for each languages
Saving the deleted concept numbers in the repository
Automatic generation of reciprocal relationships (including opposites)
Support for user defined relationships (as well as associative & hierarchical)
Auto concept number assignment
Very fast conversion between translations
Very fast report generation
Colored RTF/XML reports
Restricts on Alphabetical Display and Rotational Index by subject category and dates
Support for importing from Alphabetical Display text files
Support user defined symbols
Auto save
Import translations from delimited text file
Support for user defined text format (Thesaurus Any Format)
Supports more than 300 terms
Supports more than 2500 terms
Security functions for thesaurus databases
ASP and ASP.NET Web Site generator for IIS 6+
Merging thesauri
Saving a part of thesaurus as a new thesaurus
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